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Glass Cleaner Super Concentrate
(For Professional Window Cleaners )
And Automotive and Window Film Applications

Biodegradable-USDA Approved. A superb concentrated additive to water. Designed specifically for cleaning glass and window films using a squeegee.

Add about 1/10 Fl. Oz. per gallon of water. Use more for dirty windows, even less for lightly soiled windows. The amount you will need varies, depending on job conditions, water hardness, temperature, squeegee rubber and personal preference. Always put the water in the bucket first, then add the GG-3.

Glass Gleam-3 uses a new state-of-the art formulation, designed specifically for the professional window cleaner. It outperforms any other cleaner available. Tests with leading window cleaning companies and a survey of window cleaners who switched to GG-3, show conclusively that Glass Gleam-3 is the product window cleaners need and have been looking for.

And because GG-3 is super-concentrated, you don't pay for the water you can add on the job. This saves shipping cost, storage cost, packaging cost and greatly reduces crew restocking time.

Benefits Window Cleaners have been wishing for:
Liquid Glass Gleam-3 is fast and convenient to use.
Superior wetting and rinsing. Oftentimes great results from just hosing off and air drying without a squeegee.
Superb wetting, with almost no bleeding (also called running, crying, weeping or spreading). Greatly reduces wipe-up.
Environmentally friendly. Super-concentrated bottle means less packaging waste.
Instantly mixes with water. Faster than powders or pills. Much better than ammonia, vinegar, dishwashing soaps or TSP.
Contains no phosphates, ammonia, or hazardous chemicals.
Biodegradable. USDA Approved.
Won't settle out, evaporate or cake up.
Pleasant fragrance. Appreciated when cleaning interiors.
Reduces drag. Makes squeegees glide.
Consistent, dependable formula, unlike dishwashing soaps.
Stays wetter longer. Gives you that extra time you'll appreciate on hot, dry or windy days.
Refillable dispensing bottles make it fast and easy to measure. (Sold separately.)
Will not harm glass, plastics or metals. Shines metals.
High visibility orange color.
Cuts bird and insect smear, grime and lots more. Also insect and spider crud.
Balanced pH. Kind to hands.
Extends life of squeegee rubber, especially the tips.
Less end-streaking.
Smoother razor scraping; less chance of scratching.
Perfect foam level.
High-tech formula leaves a sparkling shine. Tests prove it: you can see the better results with GG-3
Very economical.
Leaves no haze, even on polymer treated surfaces. Windows stay cleaner longer.
1/10 ounce of Glass Gleam 3 makes 1 gallon.

Add about 1/10 Fl. Oz. per gallon of water. Use more for dirty windows, even less for lightly soiled windows. The amount you will need varies, depending on job conditions, water hardness, temperature, squeegee rubber and personal preference. Always put the water in the bucket first, then add the GG-3.
Oftentimes you can obtain excellent results without using a squeegee; on French windows, for example. Just brush on and hose off. Let air dry.

Comments on Squeegee Drag
Glass Gleam-3 offers perfect drag reduction when you squeegee off the glass. Because it allows the squeegee to remove the water so completely, you might notice more drag on successive passes than you do on the first one. Here are some tips:

  1. Overlap the rubber less on cleaned glass, so you have most of the squeegee rubber on the remaining water film.
  2. If you wipe the rubber after each pass, use a damp sponge or cloth, so you don't dry the rubber too much.
  3. Some window cleaners tap the squeegee at the bottom or side of the window instead of wiping it. This removes the excess water, but still leaves the rubber wet.
  4. Don't press too hard. A light touch works better and is less fatiguing.

Purchase Seperately Squeeze Dispensing Bottle

Refillable 8 Fl. Oz. dispensing bottle can be carried in the bucket for convenience. Remove black cap and squeeze to accu- rately fill measuring chamber. Calibrations at 1/4 oz., and 1/2 oz. Remove white cap to refill. Reduces waste, provides cons- istent dose. Very convenient.

Other uses for Glass Gleam-3

Solar Window Film Installers. Use Glass Gleam-3 as a superb water-soap solution. Use for cleaning windows prior to applying the film, to float the film into place, and to spray onto the film to help squeegee it down. GG-3 has a neutral pH (approx. 7.5) and will not harm film or hands. Premix a gallon or add 10 drops to a pint of water in a spray bottle.
Automotive. Add about 1/10 Fl. Oz. per gallon of water in the windshield spray reservoir of cars and trucks. Add about 10 drops to a trigger spray bottle of water. Carry it in your car, truck or van to clean the glass. Use an automotive squeegee or a nylon scrub pad and a professional squeegee.

Reducing the Concentration
Glass Gleam-3 comes to you as a super concentrate, requiring only 1/10 Fl. Oz. per gallon of water. Some window cleaners may want a less-concentrated product for automatic window cleaning equipment that mixes and dispenses at some other concentration - say 1/2 oz. or 1 oz. per gallon.

You can easily reduce the concentration by diluting with water. For example, if you mix one quart of GG-3 concentrate with one gallon of water (a 1:4 ratio) you will then have a concentrate of about 1/2 oz. per gallon. If you add one part of GG-3 concentrate to 9 parts of water, (a 1:9 ratio) you will need about 1 oz. per gallon of water. Always add the GG-3 to the water. Label the container so you know what you've done.

Using full strength GG-3, at 1/10 oz. per gallon, is generally preferred because you can work longer with a given amount of concentrate. The color is brighter so you can find it. And workers used to using a lot of soap will prefer the features of GG-3 and adjust their usage after a little trial and error. Labor is the big cost of window cleaning. With GG-3 so economical, even using a little too much is a trivial expense.